Competency based pathway to the Architectural Practice Examination 

Eligible candidates for the National Program of Assessment (NPRA) are those who have substantial skills and experience in architecture but do not have an accredited qualification in architecture or overseas equivalent. The NPRA does not provide a qualification; its sole purpose is to grant access to the APE.

NPRA applicants are assessed against relevant components of the National Standard of Competency for Architects. This includes most of the performance criteria from the Design Unit of Competency and selected performance criteria from the Documentation, Project Delivery and Practice Management Units of Competency. These competencies reflect the fundamental abilities expected of a graduate from an accredited program of study.

The NPRA is an ‘assessment by project’ which is design focused and assesses applicants’ abilities to respond to a complex client brief provided by the AACA. Applicants must communicate a design response to that brief and develop an architectural project they have conceived and developed on their own.

Successful NPRA applicants are eligible to undertake the APE before applying to a state or territory registration board to become registered as an Architect.