Understanding the Standard

Standard of Competency

The ability to perform activities within the profession of architecture to the standard expected for registration.



The four Units of Competency: Design, Documentation, Project Delivery and Practice Management. Each Unit comprises Elements which are sufficiently related to each other to be considered as a block of connected activities.



Discrete activities that collectively describe the Standard of Competency for an architect.


Performance Criteria

Evaluative statements which specify the performance required to demonstrate a Standard of Competency through the Elements.


Knowledge Domains

The range of knowledge and skills considered in assessing whether Performance Criteria have been met. All Knowledge Domains are relevant to achieving the Standard of Competency and should be seen as the background required to engage in Architectural practice.


Professional Architectural Practitioner

One who can demonstrate the standard of skill, care and diligence widely accepted in Australia for competent professional architectural practice. 


Complex Project

Typically a project of medium scale or larger, that requires the skill and knowledge to deliver the resolution and integration of complicated aspects including but not limited to: siting, planning, structure, services, materials, composition and configuration.