One standard showing the knowledge and skills required

The path to acquiring competency or completing registration is not linear or singular. The Standard allows for multiple possible pathways to acquiring the level of competency required to practise as an Architect in Australia and recognises the boundaries between education and professional practice are irregular and overlapping.

The Standard exists as a single benchmark for education and professional experience on the pathway to registration as an architect. Users are able to view the Standard in full, view a specific assessment program, or compare requirements across assessment programs. Users can select which assessment programs they wish to view by using the black ‘create PDF’ button available on the Mapping of Programs page.

The Mapping of Programs component of this site illustrates that there is often overlap or reiteration of criteria across the processes on the road to registration, reflecting that there are some aspects of architecture that require learning and development of competency in the realms of both university and practice, albeit in different ways and at different levels. The Mapping specifies where Performance Criteria need to be demonstrated either in terms of knowledge acquisition (K), skills acquisition (S) or application of the knowledge and skills in architectural practice (A).